You are using Cloud Computing daily on your Smart Phone. But How?

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How are you doing guys? Do you know about cloud computing? If not then please check our previous blogs.

But for now, let me describe you in short. Cloud Computing is a term given to the usage of different IT and computer system resources over the network remotely without actually having their physical hardware, setting them up, and managing the resources like data storage, computing power, etc. Of course, you have to pay some price for that.

I guess you might have listened to the technical terms talked about above and know that different big companies use cloud computing for their database management. Amazon’s AWS is most famous among all used by even Netflix for their database.

Now, let’s come to our topic of the day that how are we using cloud computing on our smartphones. For starters, do you remember those days while going to computer centers and cafes and asking them to store some songs and movies in your sd cards, pen drives, or mobile devices?

But after some time when the internet access became accessible to large number of people. People started to get general idea of internet surfing. They gained knowledge about downloading. People started to get access to whatever music, movies, etc. they wanted just by downloading it from the internet. As we say they just had to search for it once.

How Are You Using Cloud Computing On Your Phone…

Now is the millennium generation who are getting access to the internet. Nowadays, the culture of downloading is also on the decline. The culture rising is media on demand. Now, we don’t have to download any media to get access to it.

1. For Music

Nowadays, there are many applications and websites offering you to listen to many songs without actually downloading them. Can you imagine that how amazing it is to get to listen to a song that is not even there stored on your mobile phone? You are using Spotify,, Jio Savan, Amazon Music, and many more for listening to music, songs, and podcasts without downloading them on your device.

2. For Movies

We are using Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and other platforms for watching out favorite videos on demands without downloading them.

The Future is Amazing…

The things I have told you above, you are using day by day without noticing. But the main hero of the cloud computing application is waiting for you in the future when you will be able to use high-end programs, games, and software on your 4GB ram phone which are even sometimes impossible for a decent laptop and PC to run. 


The high-end game or software will be running and stored on some other remote supercomputer server from where thousands of people will be accessing the game or software and controlling them and maintaining their data on it without actually downloading it.

The Future Is Not Far Just Crowded…

Yes, you read it right. It is just a little crowded and expensive. In recent times there were only a few providers for cloud games. But, all are paid, and because of having fewer suppliers, platforms are crowded. So sometimes you have to wait for your turn. But in the near future, it will become free like other services, when it will become saturated.

You can play Cyberpunk 2077, GTA 5, WWE 2k20 on your Smartphone just by downloading and paying some subscription fee to GLOUD games, Nividia GeForce Now (not available in India, use VPN), etc.

Hope You might have enjoyed reading it. See you soon until then Good Bye.

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