Chatbots using Microsoft Bot Framework

Get your chatbot created by us. We have the following pricing for you –

Chatbot TypeInternational PriceIndian Price
FAQ Bot$10₹600
Single Dialog Bot$25₹1500
Multiple Dialog BotStarting $50Starting ₹3000

Microsoft Flow

We can automate the business process to reduce your effort. Following are the pricing –

Flow TypeInternational PriceIndian Price
Single FlowStarting $30Starting ₹1800
Multiple FlowsStarting $50Starting ₹3000

Power Automate Desktop

We can automate the web and desktop applications. Following are the prices –

Flow TypeInternational PriceIndian Price
Single Web FlowStarting $50Starting ₹3000
Multiple Web FlowsStarting $75Starting ₹4500
Single Desktop FlowStarting $75Starting ₹4500
Multiple Desktop FlowsStarting $100Starting ₹6000


Help you in RPA using UiPath. Following are the prices –

International PriceIndian Price
Starting $100Starting ₹6000

Power BI Reporting

We can create dashboards to help you visualize data and make decisions. Following are the prices –

Report TypeInternational PriceIndian Price
Single Page ReportStarting $50Starting ₹3000
Multiple Page ReportsStarting $100Starting ₹6000

Static Websites

We can help you create static websites. This includes company landing page and portfolios. Following are the prices –

Website TypeInternational PriceIndian Price
HTML, CSS, JSStarting $25Starting ₹1500
React.js,Starting $30Starting ₹1800
Next.jsStarting $35Starting ₹2100
AngularStarting $40Starting ₹2400

Test Automation Scripts

We help you in writing test automation scripts for web applications using Selenium, Java, and Cucumber. Following are the prices –

PageInternational PriceIndian Price
Single PageStarting $20Starting ₹1200
Multiple PagesStarting $40Starting ₹2400

If you need any of the above services, feel free to contact us.

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