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Microsoft Bot Framework SDK v4 Prompts using .NET C#

May 10 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Microsoft Bot Framework SDK v4 is a powerful framework for building conversational bots. With its built-in prompts, developers can easily prompt users for input and manage the flow of dialog between the user and the bot. Prompts are pre-built dialog actions that can be used to ask users for information, confirm a choice, or provide a choice list for the user to select from.

Using prompts is an essential part of creating a conversational bot experience. It allows the bot to interact with the user in a natural way and provide a more personalized experience. In the Microsoft Bot Framework SDK v4, prompts are created using the Prompt class. This class has several built-in prompt types, including text, number, choice, and confirmation prompts.

Text prompts are used to prompt the user for free-form text input. Number prompts are used to prompt the user for a numerical value. Choice prompts are used to present the user with a list of options to choose from. Confirmation prompts are used to confirm a yes or no answer from the user.

To use prompts in your bot, you will need to create a dialog that uses a prompt to collect input from the user. The dialog will start by calling the appropriate prompt method, passing in the prompt type and any necessary options. The prompt will then handle the conversation with the user, validating input, and reprompting if necessary.

Once the prompt has collected the user’s input, it will return the result to the calling dialog. The dialog can then use the input to continue the conversation or perform some other action based on the user’s response.

In addition to the built-in prompt types, developers can create their own custom prompts. Custom prompts can be useful for collecting more complex input, such as dates or times, or for integrating with external services.

Overall, prompts are an essential tool for building conversational bots using the Microsoft Bot Framework SDK v4. By using prompts, developers can create a more natural and engaging conversational experience for their users.



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