Advanced Language Translator Bot

Create a Language Translator bot with the ability to detect language, translate text from one language to another with more than 100 languages in stock. In the end, we will integrate voice capabilities into this bot.

This is the series of demos to create an Advanced Language Translator Bot. Following are the Modules in the series:

Using Google Translation API

  1. Create a Simple Language Translator Bot using Bot Builder SDK and Google Translation API
  2. Create a Simple Language Detector Bot using Bot Builder SDK and Google Translation API

Using Azure Translation API

  1. Create Translator Resource in Azure Portal
  2. Call Azure Translator API using Postman
  3. Call Azure Translator API to Get Supported Languages, Translate and Detect Language using C#
  4. Create a Welcome Menu Card for Language Translator Bot using Adaptive Card
  5. Get the List of All Supported Languages for Language Translator Bot

Note: This series is in progress. Follow JD Bots to get the latest updates.

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