Create a Bing Search API Resource in Azure Portal

The Bing Search APIs let you build web-connected apps and services that find webpages, images, news, locations, and more without advertisements.

More more information about Bing Search API, refer to the Microsoft Documentation.


  1. Valid Azure Subscription – Create a Azure Account here.

Create Bing Search Resource

Login to Azure Portal. Click on Create a Resource.

Search for Bing Search v7 in the Marketplace and click on Create.

Fill up the details and click on Create.

  1. Name: Give the name of your resource.
  2. Subscription: Choose a valid subscription from the dropdown.
  3. Pricing tier: For testing and development purpose, choose Free F1.
  4. Resource Group: Choose from the dropdown or create a new one.

Go to the resource when deployment is completed.

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Find your Keys and Endpoint under Resource Management. These creds are required for calling the Bing Search API. That we will see in our next blogs.

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