How to Give and Remove Access on Power BI Workspace?

In this post, we will give and remove access on the Power BI Workspace with a team member from my organization.

Open the workspace on which you want to give access. I have my workspace with the name Test1. Inside this workspace, I have 1 report published.

Below are the following workspace roles you can give –

  1. Admin
  2. Member
  3. Contributor
  4. Viewer

Workspace Roles

Update and delete the workspace.Yes checkmark
Add/remove people, including other admins.Yes checkmark
Allow Contributors to update the app for the workspaceYes checkmark
Add members or others with lower permissions.Yes checkmarkYes checkmark
Publish, unpublish, and change permissions for an appYes checkmarkYes checkmark
Update an app.Yes checkmarkYes checkmarkIf allowed
Share an item or share an app.Yes checkmarkYes checkmark
Allow others to reshare items.Yes checkmarkYes checkmark
Feature apps on colleagues’ HomeYes checkmarkYes checkmark
Manage dataset permissions.Yes checkmarkYes checkmark
Feature dashboards and reports on colleagues’ HomeYes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmark
Create, edit, and delete content in the workspace.Yes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmark
Publish reports to the workspace, delete content.Yes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmark
Create a report in another workspace based on a dataset in this workspace.Yes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmark
Copy a report.Yes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmark
Create goals based on a dataset in the workspace.Yes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmark
Schedule data refreshes via the on-premises gateway.Yes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmark
Modify gateway connection settings.Yes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmark
View and interact with an item.Yes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmark
Read data stored in workspace dataflowsYes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmarkYes checkmark
Table Data from Microsoft Documentation

To give the access, click on Access on the Workspace. Only Admins can provide access.

Enter the email address and give appropriate role access. Click on Add.

Once added, you can view the roles assigned to your team.

You can also change the role or remove the access by clicking on the 3 dots against the name of your team member.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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