How To Change MAC Address on Windows?

Before Knowing the answer about it, Firstly Let’s Focus About What Is the MAC Address?

MAC Address = MAC address is nothing but the physical address of the computer. you can find MAC Address by typing “ipconfig” on your command prompt in windows.

Steps that Follows:-

  1. Go to google and search for “MAC address changer” you can download the “Technitium MAC Changer” Application.
  2. The Actual MAC address of the device is 6C-88-14-21-BA-10. Now click the “Random MAC Address” button to randomized the MAC address.
  3. MAC Address can be restored by clicking the “Restore Original” button and you will get back your original IP Address.
  4. Then The MAC address is changed from 6C-88-14-21-BA-10 to 02-42-25-FA-BB-6B.
  5. Now, again check your MAC Address using “ipconfig“.
  6. It should be the previous one.


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