How to Export Microsoft Flow Power Automate Desktop Flows?

You can easily export Power Automate Desktop flows by copy-pasting your desktop flows to a text file. Open your desktop flow. Copy the content.

On your keyboard, click Cntrl+A, Cntrl+C. Next, open Notepad or a text file and click Cntrl+V. You are copy-pasting the flow content to a text file.

Save this text file and share it with others. Once you have shared this content, ask the other person to create a new flow and copy-paste content from a text file to Power Automate Desktop.

A few limitations are –

  1. If you have credentials in your flow, it will be copied, make sure to remove them before exporting the Power Automate Desktop flows.
  2. Input/Output variables will not be copied.

Thank you All!!! I hope you find this helpful.

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