[Fixed] Resource Provider ‘Microsoft.BotService’ not Registered for this Subscription

When creating a Web App Bot service, you might get this error message. We have two ways to resolve this. First lets see the error message you get while creating Web App Bot resource in Azure Portal.

This happens because by default the Bot Service is not registered. You need to register it before creating the resource.


There are two ways to resolve this:

The first way is very simple and works most of the times. Just close the browser tab where you are creating the resource. And redo the process of creating the Web App Bot in a new tab. This trick and tip approach works in most cases, if it does not then we have the actual approach.

Click on Subscriptions on your Azure Portal.

Select your subscription from the list where you want to register the Bot Service. In the left side menu, under Settings, click on Resource Providers.

In the search box, type “BotService”. It will show as Not Registered. Select the resource and click on Register. Then Status will change it to Registered.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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