Convert Number or Integer to Text or String using Power Automate Microsoft Flow

Convert an Integer to String in Power Automate. Log in to Microsoft Flow and create a new Instant Flow. Name it accordingly. Add a new step to initialize an Integer variable.

We will be printing both values Integer and converted string for your understanding. Add a new Compose Step and give the initialized integer variable as input. Select the variable name from the Dynamic content.

Let us see the output of this Compose for now. Save and run the flow manually. Open the Compose to see its output. Click on Show raw outputs. You can also click on Show raw inputs as well. Both the values will be the same for Compose.

You can see that the Integer value is not surrounded by double-quotes. That means it is of Integer data type.

Click on Edit and add another Compose step. Here we will show the converted string value. Use the below expression to convert integer to string.


Below is what the complete flow looks like.

Save the flow and run it to check the second Compose output from the Show raw outputs. You will see that, now the number is surrounded by the double quotes resembling string data type.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful. To convert string to integer, visit here.

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