Become A Programmer With Your Phone, No Previous Knowledge Required.

Welcome my Otakus, Today I am going to brief you about “How you can program using PYTHON language on your mobile phone without knowing the ABC of programming“.


  • Resources You Need
  • About Python
  • Some Basics
  • Ready To Program

Resources You Need…

You might be amazed to know that you only need a smartphone for basic programming, of course, it needs to be fully functioning.

The next step after getting your smartphone you need to download any Python app on your phone or you can use various online interpreters offered by websites on the internet. The only thing you need to do is to leave your laziness to make a search.

You can use any application out there, all are amazing, in case you are an absolute beginner, let me share my personal favorite platform that I love to use. The name is PYDROID 3, I love to use this application because of its simple and easy to use interface. So, first thing first, download this application now.

About Python…

Python is the best and easiest language to start with for a beginner. It’s best because writing codes in python language is like writing English. In Python, for printing something you just need to write a print command, no other fancy and complicated syntaxes are required.

To print your name in python you need to type this only,

Input And Output for print program.

Some Basics…

Before starting to program you need to understand a few basic things which I am going to explain to you stepwise in the easiest way I can :

1. Variables

In Python or any programming language, we first store data (numbers, texts) at a location for further using it.
We store this data by declaring a variable.

For example, for storing a number 34, we write,


Now, we can call this number in programming further for any operation.

Demonstration for declaration of variables.

Now for declaring Variable names in Python you need to follow some rules,

  • You can use uppercase and lowercase alphabets with numbers but spacing and special characters are not allowed.
  • You can use underscore(_).
  • You can use a number but the variable name should not start with a number.


Correct – your_name, alpha ,your667.
Incorrect – 1your name, your name.

Now for storing information in variable you have to follow some rules.

  • You can assign numbers to variable directly. Example, a=23
  • For storing characters in variables you need to put characters in double quotes (“anurag”) or single quote (‘ram’).
  • For example, a=”Anurag”

2. Functions

Functions are a set of pre-defined words that are used to perform some special activities in Python. They are also just like English words easy to remember. You need to remember, a function is always followed by a circular bracket().

For example, the print() function is used to print anything written between the brackets, another is the input() function used to take input from the user.

If you have understood everything above then you are ready to program in python. If you haven’t, then well and good, feel free to ask in the comments or try to read again.
Now let’s move further…

Ready To Program

Open Your PYDROID App

Addition Program
First, you need to declare variables by storing numbers you want to add,


After storing the number just use the addition sign (+) in the print command to get your result,



Program For Asking User’s Name
For asking for a user’s name you need to use the input() function,


Now put characters in the bracket,

A=input("Enter Your Name ")

Now type,

print("Hello Stud, How are you Mr ", A)
Input program


It will ask you to enter your name
Enter your name
Final Output

Now you are all ready to make simple python programs on your phone; you can use the addition concept along with multiplication, division, or subtraction.

In upcoming blogs, I am going to teach you how you can make Mathematical Calculator, Age Calculator, Simple Interest Calculator, and many more.

Thank you for being with me till the last and giving my effort a worth trying chance. Learner like you make this world more amazing.

Until we meet again learn more my Otakus…..

See you again…….

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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