Install Power Automate Desktop

Use desktop flows to automate actions and business processes on your desktop environment. Use the desktop and web recorders to build flows while editing the recorded actions in real-time across the web or desktop.

In this post, we will install the tool in our system.


  1. Microsoft Flow Account (Microsoft 365 license)

Power Automate is part of Microsoft 365 services. You will need a license for it. But, for learning purposes, you can opt for Microsoft 365 Developer program.

Update: From March 2021, Power Automate Desktop is free to use for Windows 10 User. Login with your Personal Windows 10 account.

Installing Power Automate Desktop

Login to and click on My Flows.

On the right side under Install -> select Power Automate Desktop.

This will download a setup with approx. size of 175 MB. Launch the setup once downloaded. Click on Next.

Select the installation path and make sure ChromeDriver and Edge Web Driver is selected.

You will need administrator permissions to install. When installation gets completed, make sure to install the extension for your preferred browser.

Click on the browser links and add extension. I have selected Chrome Browser.

Launch the Power Automate Desktop and Login.

If you are seeing a message related to the Dataverse database asking you to create a new environment. You can refer to my post here to fix it.

We have successfully installed the Power Automate Desktop. Start creating flows and happy automating.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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