Clone Azure DevOps Repository from Eclipse

In this post, we are going to clone an Azure DevOps Repository from Eclipse. I have picked up a demo repository from Azure DevOps which I will be cloning onto my local system using Eclipse.


  1. Eclipse
  2. Azure DevOps Repository

Clone Repository

Open your Eclipse and go to File -> Import.

Choose Git -> Projects from Git. If you don’t see Git, install it from the Eclipse Marketplace.

Select Clone URI.

On the Azure DevOps repo, click on Clone, and copy the URL.

Paste it in the URI. Host and Repository path will be auto populated.

If your repository is private, click on generate git credentials from the window you copied the URI. Provide the generated credentials in the fields provided.

Select the branch you want to clone.

Choose the destination path on your local system to create a local git repository.

If it is a existing Eclipse project, select that. I will import it as general project.

Give a project name, otherwise it will take the same name as that of repository.

It will take some time based on the project size. There we have all the projects in the package explorer. To recognize the local projects and remote projects, you will see the repository name and branch name against the project.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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