Create a Template in Apache NiFi and Share with Others

In this post, we will create a NiFi flow and share it with other team members. This is helpful if your team is working on another instance of NiFi.

Templates are used as a reusable components of NiFi that can be added anywhere in the NiFi flow or shared as xml file with others.


Create a Template

Hope you have the NiFi flow ready. I will be using the Move File from local folder to another flow.

Right-click anywhere on the workspace and click on Create template.

Give the Template name and the description (Optional). Click on Create.

You can view the list of all your templates by going to the Menu and clicking on Templates.

This shows the list of all the templates you have created.

You can also download the template and share it with your team members.

This downloads a xml file that can be shared with others. In another blog, we will see how to upload a template in NiFi. Let us now look at how you can use this template in another process group.

I have created a new process group and I want to add the template I created earlier on the workspace. Drag the Templates on the workspace.

Choose the template from the dropdown you want to add and click on Add. This will add both the processors we have seen at the beginning.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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