Always Run any Windows Application as Administrator

Always run any windows application as Administrator lets you perform tasks that requires administrator access. This helps you always run the app as admin without right-clicking and Running as Administrator.

Always run an application as Administrator

To always run any windows application as an Administrator, you need to make sure the application is added as a shortcut on your Desktop.

Search for your application in the Start Menu that you want to always run as Administrator. I will be working with Visual Studio Code. Right-click on your application and click on Open file location.

Sometimes a few applications won’t show up at the original location when you click on Open file location. They would show up at the Start location. You need to make sure, that the below process works fine at the start location, else again click on the shortcut and open the file location.

Right-click on the application and click on the Properties.

Under Shortcut, click on Advanced.

If you do not see Shortcut in Properties, make sure you have added your application as a shortcut. How to Add any Windows application as a shortcut?

Go to the installation location of your application. Mostly, available in Program Files. Right-click on the executable -> Send to -> Desktop (Create Shortcut).

When you have clicked on Advanced, select the checkbox for Run as administrator. Click on OK. Now, every time you run your application, it will run as administrator.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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