ngrok 802 Internal Server Error on Host Header

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Sam asked 6 months ago

From past 2 days, I am getting internal server error when using host header in the command. If I use the command without host header (ngrok http 3978), it is getting connected but shows bad request invalid host.
Not sure if ngrok is down. Any alternative?

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jd Staff answered 6 months ago

ngrok started blocking anonymous connections recently. So to bypass it you should specify your ngrok authtoken. Create a new free account and it should work –

1. Unzip to install

On Linux or Mac OS X you can unzip ngrok from a terminal with the following command. On Windows, just double click to extract it.

$unzip /path/to/

2. Connect your account

Running this command will add your authtoken to the default ngrok.yml configuration file. This will grant you access to more features and longer session times. Running tunnels will be listed on the status page of the dashboard.

$./ngrok authtoken {your auth token}

3. Fire it up

Read the documentation on how to use ngrok. Try it out by running it from the command line:

$./ngrok help

To start a HTTP tunnel forwarding to your local port 80, run this next:

$./ngrok http 80

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