How to Create a Resource Group in Microsoft Azure Portal?

What is Azure Resource Manager?

Azure Resource Manager is the deployment and management service for Azure. It provides a management layer that enables you to create, update, and delete resources in your Azure account. You use management features, like access control, locks, and tags, to secure and organize your resources after deployment.

What is Resource Group?

A container that holds related resources for an Azure solution. The resource group includes those resources that you want to manage as a group. You decide which resources belong in a resource group based on what makes the most sense for your organization.

For more information – Refer Microsoft Documentation.

Before starting, I hope you have an Azure Subscription. If you don’t have one, create a free account here.

Login to Azure Portal – You will be shown a dashboard similar to this. Click on Resource Groups.

Click on Add.

Fill the form

  1. Subscription: Select your subscription.
  2. Resource group: Give the name of resource group.
  3. Region: Choose the region which is right for you and your customers.

Click Review + Create. Now you can store all your resources into this resource group.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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