5 Things to Know About Desktop Organizer Mac Computers Have

A tidy and uncluttered desktop helps boost productivity while working on a computer. The desktop is the first thing that you see before you navigate to any other location inside the drives or default folders. It’s the area where you do most of your work. 

If you do not have the habit of organizing your desktop regularly, it will become messier over time. Moreover, if you do not customize it, you will soon be bored with the same picture, background, icons, and other elements. 

So, it’s good to manage and organize your files to stay proactive in working on the computer. You can either do it manually or install a proficient desktop organizer Mac app for quick output. The article explains the ways you can organize and customize your Mac desktop.

What Is a Desktop on Mac?

That’s something very basic. But it’s important to understand what area of the screen makes the desktop. Towards the top of the Mac, the screen is the menu bar, and the bottom section is covered with the Dock. The screen that you see in between is the desktop.

It’s worth mentioning that you can customize the menu bar, the Dock, as well as the desktop to make them look more interactive. You will find a lot of MacBook menu bar customize and optimize options such as setting up the light or dark appearance and more. 

Similarly, there are different ways you can customize your desktop, which we will discuss in the following section of this article. As with Dock, you can change the color and customize icons inside it to make it more intuitive. 

Organize Items Into Folders

First things first, create a folder and put all your files into it. You will see a considerable change in your desktop appearance. Don’t you feel that your desktop feels lighter? Now, after that, you can create subfolders inside the parent folder and save files accordingly. 

That’s certainly one of the best ways to organize your files on any digital device. Files, when stored in a loose format, look scattered, while folders make them more organized. Not only does your desktop look clean, but you can easily locate your files when you need them. 

Use Stacks for Auto-Organize

Stacks are another way to organize files in a folder-like format on a Mac desktop. The feature helps you keep files organized by grouping them by date, kind, or tags. It helps keep similar data together and locate it faster by determining its attributes. 

For example, if you select to group files by kind – all the videos will go into one stack while all the images will stack together, and so on. When you create a new file on the desktop, it will automatically go into the correct stack, so it works as an automatic desktop organizer. 

Sort Files to Arrange Them

macOS gives many efficient ways that work as a desktop organizer Mac and assists with the easy management of files. It allows you to sort files in an organized manner by name, size, kind, tags, and date added, to name a few. 

To view this option, click on your Mac desktop screen, tap View, select Sort by, and then choose an option in which you want to keep files. By sorting files and folders using this method, you can make your data easily searchable in just a few clicks. 

Use Multiple Desktops

If you are sharing your computer with your sibling or another family member, it’s good to use multiple desktops – one for each user. Not only will it help in managing files, but it will also add security to data by preventing them from invalid access. 

Even if you are the only user on your computer, setting up multiple desktops spaces will help to organize different tasks on specific desktops. This way, you get the flexibility of managing emails from one desktop while attending video meetings using another.  

Remove Unnecessary Files

Usually, we store files on the desktop to ensure they are easily available when required. It saves time in some situations but makes the desktop messy and cluttered. To avoid clutter from building and ballooning continuously, it’s good to take a tour of the desktop regularly. 

Identify the files or app downloads that are no longer required. Make sure to delete them from the desktop right away for a better desktop organization as well as storage optimization. Don’t forget to remove the deleted items from the Trash to erase them permanently. 

The Conclusion 

So arranging and managing files on a desktop is not a one-time task; in fact, you need to do it repeatedly every few weeks. Building a desktop cleaning strategy can help keep it clutter-free. 

Also, ensure you have a complete backup of files before you delete anything from your Mac. Not only the desktop but the drives inside the computer need regular cleanup; it takes time to delete apps and files that are no longer needed.

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