Sending Messages to Discord From UiPath

The easiest way to manage single direction integration between UiPath and Discord is through the use of a webhook connected to a server. To connect a webhook to the server, navigate to Server Settings > Integrations:

Click on View Webhooks > New Webhook:

Name the Webhook and select the channel it should post messages too:

Copy the webhook URL and open up UiPath to start the integration.

Ensure that the UiPath.WebAPI.Activities has been installed before dragging over a HTTP request activity:

Then configure the following properties:

  • Accept Format: JSON
  • Request Method: POST
  • Request URL: <Webhook URL>
  • Body: “{” + “””username””” + “:” + “””<username>””” + “,” + “””content””” + “:” + “””<message>””” + “}”
  • Body Format: application/json
Author: Jacqui Muller

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