Connect Azure Bot with Telegram Channel

Channels are a tool for broadcasting your public messages to large audiences. They offer a unique opportunity to reach new customers. In this demo we will be using an Echo Bot to connect with Telegram Channel.


  1. Telegram Account
  2. Telegram for Desktop
  3. Azure Subscription

You will have to create an Echo Bot using Azure Bot service or any other bot you want to connect. To learn creating Echo Bot, go to my post on Create Echo Bot using Azure Bot Service.

Video of the following demo

Connecting Bot with the Channel

  • Hope you have created Echo Bot. Test the bot in Web Chat and check if it is working fine.
  • Go to Bot Father to create your Telegram Bot and Open in desktop app.
  • Start the conversation with Bot Father and send /newbot. He will guide you to create the bot.
  • Below is the conversation. At the end Bot father will provide you the access token. Keep it safe and never share it with anyone. We will be using this Access token in Azure Bot Channels page.
  • Now go to Azure Bot and Click on Channels – > Select Telegram under More Channels.
  • Give the Access token -> Toggle Enabled and Save the channel.
  • The last message from Bot Father gave you the bot link. Click on it and start the conversation.

Thank you All! Hope you find this useful.

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