What Is Cloud Computing ?

The Cloud Computing is On-Demand Delivery of IT Resources via Internet With Pay As You Go Pricing Instead Of Buying, Owing And Maintaining Physical Data Centers. You Don’t Need To Make Large Upfront Investment In Hardware And Overpay For Capacity You Don’t Use. Instead You Can Trade For Variable Expenses And Only Pay For It As You Consume It. You Can Scale Resources Up And Down To Grow Or Shrink Capacity Instantly As Your Business Needs Change.

It is Also Easy To Expand To New Regions And Deploy Globally In Minutes, No Matter Your Location, Size Or Industry. The Cloud Frees You From Managing Infrastructure And Data Centers, So You Can Focus On What Matters Most To Your Business.

Let Me Explain You Briefly How It Works. You Can Access Technology Services Such As Computing Power, Storage And Databases as needed basis From Cloud Providers Like Amazon Web Services Referred As AWS And Microsoft Azure. Organization Of Every Type, Size And Industry Are Using The Cloud For Wide Variety Of Use Cases Such As Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, Email Virtual Desktops, Software Development And Testing, Big Data Analytics And Customer Facing Web Applications.

Generally in Health Care Domain, Companies Are Using The Cloud To Develop More Personalized Treatments For Patients. Whereas Financial Companies Are Using Cloud To Power Real Time Fraud Detection And Video Game Maker Using Cloud To Deliver Online Games To Million Of Players Around The World.

With Cloud Computing Your Business Can Become More Agile. It Reduces Cost, Instantly Scale And Deploy Globally In Minutes, Cloud Computing Gives You Instant Access To Broad Range Of Technologies.

This Can Innovative Faster And Build Anything You Imagine From Infrastructure Services Such As Compute, Storage And Databases To Internet Of Things, Machine Learning, Data Analytics And Much More.

In the next part I will Elaborate More About AWS And Microsoft Azure, Stay Tuned…!!!

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