E-commerce Bot | Part 1 | Setup the Development Environment | Microsoft Bot Framework

In this bot series, we will create an E-commerce bot for one of the Chocolate Store “Naami Chocos“. This bot will have the following functionalities –

  1. Authentication
  2. Add to Cart
  3. Payment Integration
  4. FAQs using QnA Maker
  5. Connect bot to Facebook page

In this part, we will set up our development environment.


  1. Visual Studio
  2. Bot Emulator

The above requirements links are available on the Downloads page.


Clone the Reusable Template

Go to the GitHub repository and clone the code. The main advantage of using this template is that it comes configured to use the bot states.

When you have cloned the repo onto your system, go to the project explorer and delete the .git file. Next, we need to change the name of the solution and project.

Right-click on Solution Name and rename it. We will give the solution name as NaamiChocos.

Similarly, do it for the project name as well. Here we rename it to NaamiChocosBot.

After we have renamed the solution and project, it is time to change all the namespace which is still pointing to ReusableStateBotTemplate.

On your keyboard, just click Cntrl+F. The search item is ReusableStateBotTemplate and replaces with NaamiChocosBot. Make sure to select Match case and Match whole word. This replacement will be done in the entire solution. Finally, click on Replace all.

A similar dialog box pops up when all the namespace is replaced.

In the next part, we will create a welcome card for our bot.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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