ToDo Bot | Part 3 | Planning and Designing the Bot | Microsoft Bot Framework

In this blog series, we will create a ToDo bot that will allow you to Create, View and Delete Tasks.

In this part we will be planning and designing our bot before starting the implementation. Design and Planning in the initial stage helps to get a clear picture of the project we are going to build.

Following information we will obtain in this phase –

  1. Features to Implement
  2. Design Detail

Below is the high level flow chart that we are going to follow in our Bot implementation.

We have three functionalities to implement –

  1. Create Task
  2. View Task
  3. Delete Task

These functionalities will be created in their respective dialog classes. Let us go in detail for these features.

Create Task

We ask the user “Please enter the task”. When user gives the input, we ask again “Would you like to enter more tasks?” with options as “Yes” and “No”.

If it is Yes, we start the CreateDialog again from the beginning else we show all the tasks added by the user along with the success message.

After showing the success message, the bot controller goes back to the main dialog with options to choose from in the beginning.

View Task

Here we show all the tasks created by the user in the current conversation. In the future, we are going to save all the tasks in the DB for each user and from there we are going to read.

Delete Task

We show all the tasks with an ID to the user and ask him/her to enter the task ID to delete. Again, we can ask the user if he/she wants to delete more tasks.

If Yes, start the delete dialog again else give the success message with all the tasks deleted.

So, this will be the basic functionality, we are going to implement. To make the bot more intelligent we will be adding LUIS to it. Also, we will store all the tasks in the Database.

Thank You All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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