How to Delete Particular Cell in Excel using Power Automate Desktop

In this post, we will delete the content of a particular cell in Excel using the Power Automate Desktop (PAD).


  1. Power Automate Desktop
  2. Excel

Refer my post on Installing Power Automate Desktop.

Create Flow

Deleting the cell, in another way, we can say that, writing the cell with blank/empty value. I have simple data in my excel. I want to delete the B3 cell.

Open PAD, click on New Flow.

Give a name of your flow. I will give as “DeleteExcelCell“. At the first, we have to launch excel. From Actions, select the Launch Excel.

I have an existing document. Select the path. If you want to see the Excel opening up, you can turn on the Make instance visible.

Choose Write to Excel Action and provide following values.

To write a blank value, we use %""%. Since I want to delete the B3 cell, my column is 2 and the row is 3. Finally, we close the excel by saving the document.

Below is what the complete flow look like.

Run the flow to check the output.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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