Format Date in Power Automate Desktop

In this post, we will get the current date and format it to MM/dd/yyyy format. In the cloud version, we just had to use utcNow() to get the date. But in Power Automate Desktop (PAD), we have a new action to get the current date.


  1. Power Automate Desktop

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Get current date and time

Create a new flow in PAD. In the Actions, search for “Get current date and time”. Add this to your flow. Select the below options in the action. I will take the current date only.

Format DateTime

Search in Actions -> Convert datetime to text. Add this action to your flow. Select the variable produced from the first step. We use the custom format and it will be “MM/dd/yyyy“.

Now, you can use the output variable “FormattedDateTime” from the second step anywhere in the flow. Below is what the flow looks like. I will be displaying the date using the display message action.

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