Schedule a UiPath Workflow using Windows Task Scheduler

To schedule a UI Path Workflow. First, create a workflow and create a batch file, which would trigger the workflow as described in the given link.

Open the Windows Task Scheduler.

Click on the Folder where the task is to be created. You can also create a new folder by clicking on New Folder.

Click on Create Basic Task. Fill the task name and description in opened dialog box.

Click on Next. And choose the required trigger based on your task recurrence.

Click on Next. Fill recurrence date time and recurring period (if required). Recur every 1 day means the task will trigger one time in 1 day. Recur every 2 days means the task will trigger one time in 2 days.

In Action Tab, select start a program. Click on Next and browse for batch file path.

Click on Next and then Finish.

Task will get scheduled. To edit the schedule, double-click on the task to open properties. On Triggers Tab. You can edit the trigger and set advanced settings to trigger the task multiple times.

To run/disable/delete the scheduled task. Right click on task and choose appropriate option.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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