Creating Enterprise Ready Advanced Chatbot using Microsoft Bot Framework v4 C# for Microsoft Teams Channel

Create Enterprises Ready Advanced Chatbot using Microsoft Bot Framework v4 C# for Microsoft Teams Channel using Adaptive Dialogs and Adaptive Cards functionality.

The complete bot series is available here.

What is an Enterprise Chatbot?

Enterprise chatbots are conversational tools created primarily for larger organizations. They are made to integrate with complex workflows, work with enterprise resource planning software, and get around problems that businesses face on an enterprise level.

Like other bots, an enterprise chatbot enables businesses to communicate with customers on a large scale. Enterprise bots are designed to meet workplace use cases in order to provide a better user experience and increase team productivity. In this blog, we will get to know about How to create Enterprises Ready Advanced Chatbot using Microsoft Bot Framework v4 C# for Microsoft Teams Channel?


In this blog, we will talk about a very advanced chatbot for the Teams Channel created using Microsoft Bot Framework v4 C#. This bot has all the functionality that Microsoft Bot Framework offers, starting from the adaptive dialog, adaptive cards, skills functionality, hand-off functionalities, etc.

Complete Video

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Let’s get started

For creating an Enterprise chatbot using Microsoft Bot Framework v4 C# for Teams Channel, follow the below steps:

Go to the GitHub repository and download the template (complete code) that we will be using and modify the template based on the requirement that is todo-bot-luis-qnamaker

Note: The template file will download as a .zip file.

Open the download folder and rename it. for bot.

Note: We are renaming the folder because in windows, we have an issue called a long path error which means if some of the paths are long so, the window cannot extract the folder.

Cut the .zip file and paste it under the C or D drive where the path is very less.

Extract the .zip file. For extracting the .zip file, right-click and Extract.

Note: You should not extract it inside the bot folder. You have to extract it inside the C or D folder directly because we skip one folder less.

After extracting, delete the zip file to make space in our system.

Click on the extracted folder, then samples, then .net core, then select adaptive dialog, then copy the project (todo-bot-luis-qnamaker), and then paste it inside your working folder.

Open the project and then launch it with Visual Studio 2022.

After launching, you will be redirected to the Visual Studio 2022. After entering visual studio 2022, follow the below steps:

Rename the solution and then rename the project.

Note: Since you have changed the project name, your namespace will still be pointing to the old project. To fix this, Open any folder, then select the namespace, then press Ctrl+F, then one Microsoftbotbuildersample drop-down will open on display. In the Microsoftbotbuildersample drop-down, under replace, enter your namespace. For example-JdBotEnterpriseChatBot, then Select all options and choose Entire solution in a drop-down list, then start replacing, and then save the solution file under todo bot-Luis-qnamaker.

Build your solution to know if you have not got any build errors.

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