Delete All Files in a Directory or Folder using UiPath Studio

In this post, we will get all the files present in a folder and delete them one by one. First, we will store the files in an array of strings and then we iterate through the array.


  1. UiPath Studio

Add a new Assign activity. Create a new variable by pressing Cntrl+K. Name the variable listOfFiles. Give the value of the variable as below –

Directory.GetFiles("<Your Folder Path>")

You will notice an error because we need to change the variable type to System.String[]. Open the variables panel and change the type.

Add a For Each activity and iterate through the list of files and delete them one by one using the Delete activity. You will have to change the item/file to a string in order to delete it.

The Delete activity takes one argument, i.e., the Path of the file which we are already getting by iterating through all the files in a folder.

Your complete flow looks like this.

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Run the process and confirm the file delete.


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