How to Schedule Desktop Flows?

In this post, we will schedule the flows created using Power Automate Desktop (PAD). Let’s say, we need to schedule it daily at the specified time.


  1. Install Power Automate Desktop
  2. On-Premises Data Gateway: The gateway is an enterprise-grade secure connection between Power Automate and your device (where your desktop flows run). Power Automate uses the gateway to access your on-premises device so that it can trigger your desktop flows from an event, schedule, or button.
  3. Work or School account to login to both PAD and Power Automate cloud.
  4. Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2019

Note: If your device runs Windows 10 Home, you can use PAD to create your desktop flows and monitor them on Power Automate Cloud. You can’t trigger desktop flows to run from the cloud on Windows 10 Home devices.



Watch the below video. This video covers everything starting from creating a desktop flow (Automating Web), installing the gateway, and triggering from the cloud. In this post, we will only cover the schedule from the cloud part.

Schedule Desktop Flows from the Cloud

Login to using the same account you used to log in to PAD and gateway. Click on My Flows -> Desktop Flows. Here you will see all your desktop flows built with PAD.

Let us suppose, I want to schedule the GetTemperatureOfMumbaiCity flow. Go to New Flow -> Scheduled Cloud Flow.

Give a flow name and set the schedule frequency.

Follow my post here to continue adding steps to the flow. Finally, test the flow. It will be triggered at the scheduled frequency. The only change between this post and the linked post is the trigger.

Thank you All!!! Hop you find this useful.

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