Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that emphasizes the development of intelligent machines that would think and work like humans.

We will see How Artificial Intelligence is Categorized? Based on capacities and functionalities, Artificial Intelligence is broadly categorized into two types.

Narrow Al (weak Al) and Super AI. Al contains Relative Machines, limited memory, theory of mind, and self-awareness as functions.

Narrow Al (weak Al)

This is designed to intelligently perform a specific task. Weak Al is so named since it can’t perform beyond its capabilities. It has been taught to perform a specific task. Facial recognition (Siri on Apple phones), speech, and image recognition are all examples of Narrow Al. Watson, IBM’s supercomputer, and self-driving automobiles. Playing chess and tackling math problems are two further examples of weak Al.

General Al (AGI or strong Al)

This system can perform nearly every cognitive task as efficiently as humans can do. The main characteristic of general Al is to make a system that can think like a human on its own. This is a long-term goal of many researchers to create such machines. The key feature of general Al is the ability to create a system that can think like a person on its own. Creating such devices is a long-term objective for many academics.

Super Al

Super Al is a type of artificial intelligence in which machines can outsmart humans and perform any cognitive task better than humans. The ability to think, reason, solve riddles, make judgments, plan, and communicate on its own would be the most important characteristics of a strong Al. Strong Al’s invention could be the most revolutionary event in human history.

Artificial Intelligence will bring in a major shift in human history. As long as we manage to maintain the technology helpful, human civilization will prosper by augmenting human intelligence with artificial intelligence.

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