Close Existing Opened Browser Window using Power Automate Desktop

In this post, we will close the already opened browser window before starting our workflow. We can close chrome, edge, internet explorer, or firefox windows using this demo. Before closing the browser window make sure it is in the foreground.


Close Existing Browser Window

Add a new action Launch new Microsoft Edge. I will be working on the Edge browser. Please choose your preferred browser accordingly. Select the Launch mode as Attach to running instance. Select Use foreground window in the next property.

If you know what is the title or URL of the existing browser window, you can select that. This is helpful because the browser window should not be required to be in the foreground.

Add a new action Close web browser and provide the browser instance that was produced from the last action.

This closes the existing opened web browser window. Now you can launch a new instance of the browser and continue your automation.

The below is what the complete flow looks like.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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