Convert Number or Integer to Text or String using Power Apps

Convert numbers to text in PowerApps using Text function. Syntax is simple, use format parameter for greater flexibility & control in displaying numerical data.

In PowerApps, you can use the Text function to convert a number to text. The syntax for the Text function is:

Text(number, format)

The “number” parameter is the number that you want to convert to text. The “format” parameter is optional and can be used to specify the format of the resulting text.

For example, to convert the number 123 to text, you would use the following expression:


This would return the text “123”.

You can also use the format parameter to control the number of decimal places, the use of commas, etc. For example, to format a number with 2 decimal places and commas as thousands separators, you can use:


This will return “123,456.79”.

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