C# Operators with Order of Execution | Operator Associativity

When operators have the same precedence, the associativity of the operators determines the order in which the operations are performed.

Below are the two associativity of operators in c#:

  1. Left-associative: The order of execution is from left to right.
  2. Right-associative: The order of execution is from right to left.

Below is the table that shows the Associativity of Operators in C#.

Postfix Increment and Decrement++, —Left to Right
Prefix Increment, Decrement, and Unary++, –, +, -, !, ~Right to Left
Multiplicative*, /, %Left to Right
Additive+, –Left to Right
Shift<<, >>Left to Right
Relational<, <=, >, >=Left to Right
Equality==, !=Left to Right
Bitwise AND&Left to Right
Bitwise XOR^Left to Right
Bitwise OR|Left to Right
Logical AND&&Left to Right
Logical OR||Left to Right
Ternary? :Right to Left
Assignment=, +=, -=, *=, /=, %=, &=, |=, ^=, <<=, >>=Right to Left

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