How Does NetSuite ERP Help Software Companies Overcome Challenges?

One of the top cloud-based business management tools, NetSuite helps companies reach their maximum potential for automation and expansion. Automation, revenue recognition, scaling, and customer service are just a few of the problems that IT and software organizations must overcome. Let’s go over the potential advantages of NetSuite ERP software for contemporary IT businesses.

Efficacy of the process:

A comprehensive integrated solution from NetSuite is used to automate many important procedures. Order management, various revenue streams, and financial consolidations can all be automated. According to a research, NetSuite ERP software solutions will significantly reduce order processing by 66 percent, increase sales productivity by 12.5%, and enhance financial closure time by 50%.

Improved decision-making:

Making decisions requires data. For quick and precise decision-making, NetSuite allows real-time data tracking and access from anywhere. One of the better instances is Konig Wheels, which saved over $120,000 every year for four years after using NetSuite.

Simplified billing:

Billing for subscriptions, products, services, and usage is streamlined by NetSuite ERP software solutions. By gathering real-time data and connecting it with revenue recognition, it streamlines the order-to-cash procedure. Multiple revenue sources are supported via the generation, transmission, and collection of invoices.

Recognizing revenue:

With continuous compliance, NetSuite provides all the tools required to manage and resolve complicated revenue recognition concerns. This comprehensive solution eliminates manual intervention and multiple entries.

Management of recurring revenue and subscriptions:

For IT/Software companies, renewals are essential. Contract renewals are automated by NetSuite ERP software solutions, which also simplify term and evergreen subscriptions. Additionally, it supports up-sell and cross-sell activities and the management of change orders.

Account consolidation and global business management:

As your organization expands, NetSuite OneWorld guarantees automated multi-currency handling.

Integration with Salesforce:

With an existing CRM, advanced order management and financial features are made possible via the Salesforce real-time connector for NetSuite ERP. This will smoothly drive lead-to-cash automation.

Saving time and money:

IT and software organizations may manage their operations in the cloud thanks to NetSuite. As a result, managing many systems becomes significantly less expensive and time-consuming.

Expert services provide support for:

To automate back-office tasks and data handling, IT businesses might profit from implementing NetSuite professional services automation (PSA) software. With NetSuite, you can get a complete, real-time picture of the possibilities, assets, and finances that support business expansion.


For software businesses, business-specific adaptations provide significant difficulties. For your particular business needs, the SuiteCloud platform offers a variety of strong tools. Future-proof modifications that automatically upgrade to new versions are guaranteed by NetSuite ERP software solutions.

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