Check Folder Existence using PowerShell in Windows

Easily verify the existence of a folder using PowerShell’s Test-Path cmdlet. Learn the simple steps to check if a folder exists on your system.

To check if a folder exists using PowerShell, you can use the Test-Path cmdlet. This cmdlet returns a Boolean value indicating whether the specified item exists.

Here is an example:

$folderPath = "C:\folder"

if (Test-Path $folderPath) {
    Write-Host "The folder exists."
} else {
    Write-Host "The folder does not exist."

In this example, $folderPath holds the path to the folder you want to check for. The Test-Path cmdlet is used to test if the folder exists, and the result is used in an if statement to output either “The folder exists.” or “The folder does not exist.” depending on the result.

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