Customer Support Chatbot

In this bot series, we will create a Customer Support Chatbot for a delivery service that will allow you to track orders, raise complaints, get bills/invoices, and cancel orders.

We will create this bot using Microsoft Bot Framework.

We have four functionalities to implement –

  1. Track Order
  2. Raise Complaint
  3. Get Bill
  4. Cancel Order

Above are the core functionalities. We will also implement the handoff functionality as well. That means, if the user has other concerns which may not be handled by the bot, then we can transfer the bot control to the live support agent.

Following are the Modules in the series:

  1. Setup the Development Environment
  2. Create Welcome Card | Adaptive Cards
  3. Planning and Designing the Bot
  4. Coding the Main Dialog
  5. Creating Sub Dialogs

Note: This series is in progress. Follow JD Bots to get the latest updates.

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