What is AWS?

Hello Readers, Happy new year to you all, thank you for joining JD BOTS, In the today’s blog, I will give brief introduction about AWS and then move on to discuss the different companies who are using AWS services. After that, I will tell you why big or small companies are using AWS or any other cloud computing provider for that matter. Also, we will look at some of the basic services that AWS offers us. AWS is Amazon Web Services is subsidiary of Amazon.com that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments on the basis of pay as you go subscription with free tier option available for 12 months. AWS is world leader in cloud computing market. It was launched in 2006, when no company had the cloud computing business model. They took the risk at that time and now today 70% of the whole cloud computing market is residing on AWS. So you can imagine that how big AWS is. Talking about prominent companies, who are using the AWS infrastructure like Kellogg’s, Robbie’s, B&B, McKesson, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are completely dependent upon the AWS infrastructure. All your applications are going to share the same infrastructure. Now you can be assured that your applications are in safe hands and you can be Assured about it. Let me tell you, why do companies use AWS and what’s advantage of having the cloud computing technology with you. Let’s shed light on that and take example as you think of starting new business. Your business is launching the application like Instagram and your application is ready. Now you have to make it available to the world. So the first thing, you have to invest some money to buy some servers and upload your application on it. You initially think that you will have small user base but your plan doesn’t go according to your will and overnight, your application becomes so viral that there are millions of users were trying to access your application. Now the server’s that you had is very overburdened with kind of traffic which is coming in. Now you get very anxious as what to do? Should you invest some more money or buy some servers. Imagine you bought it and now situation seems to be little normal. But you should not forget that, servers are machines. They are bound to break down if load increases out of there limit. Your servers is going down and up and your application is not working anymore. In order to fix this, you have to hire a maintenance team which is now going to manage your servers which will handle any kind of server upgrade or software up pass which has to be put in and when your servers goes down replacing it with a new server. Now all things are now going to be managed by maintenance team i.e any kind of attention that is required for you to your application. You could not get that attention because your attention was towards the infrastructure side which is understandable. Now the role of AWS comes.

Here the AWS came up and said, “why don’t you use my servers. I have stack of servers in my warehouse, Why don’t you use some of them and the best thing about it is that you no need to buy servers from me”. You can just rent them, use them, any time you want. Say you give to me up to five hours you just pay for the five hours time that you used it for. At the same time you don’t have to worry about the maintenance. I’ll do maintenance for my servers. This is like a god came and said, “let me help you”. It was like that so it was very good deal for you. Because now you not spending money on buying servers and not spending money on maintenance team, everything is being managed by AWS at very cheap price of hourly basis, Imagine how awesome is this.

That’s it for now. Moving forward, we are going to understand why companies adopting AWS or any other cloud computing platforms and how it works technically. I will share you in the next blog, Stay Tuned..!!!

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