Workload Options for Microsoft Bot Framework

When you installed Visual Studio, you probably had the option to install different workloads. A workload is a bundle of tools within Visual Studio that helps you be productive with certain languages or platforms. For example, the Desktop development with C++ workload includes Visual Studio features that let you run and debug C++ console applications and see suggestions for your C++ code.

You can add or remove workloads after your initial installation of Visual Studio to add support for additional languages and tools. To do so, run the Visual Studio Installer again using the Windows Start menu, then click Modify.

For more information on Modifying the Visual Studio and its Workloads, refer the Visual Studio Tutorials. In this post, we will cover, what workloads are needed for Microsoft Bot Framework development.



  1. Visual Studio Installer

Workload Options

When you click on Modify, you will see many Workloads to choose from for various development activities. For Microsoft Bot Framework, only one workload is sufficient if you are developing your bot locally. That is, ASP.NET and web development.

Bot Framework Templates are currently available for .NET Core 2.1 and .NET Core 3.1 versions. Make sure these two are selected in Individual components when you choose your primary workload.

If you plan to deploy your Bot to Azure, you would need another workload which is Azure development. It helps to create resources and deploy in Azure right from your Visual Studio.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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