Create Microsoft Teams Meeting in Outlook Using Postman with Microsoft Graph API

In this post, we will create Teams Online Meeting in Outlook using Microsoft Graph API. Before creating a meeting, you should have an access token generated. Refer to my post on How to get Azure Access Token using Postman for Microsoft Graph API.


  1. Download Postman
  2. Create Service Principal using PowerShell
  3. Get Azure Access Token using Postman for Microsoft Graph API

API Permission to Service Principal

Login to Azure Portal and go to Azure Active Directory.

Under Manage -> Click on App Registrations.

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If you don’t find your Service Principal in Owned Applications, then go to All Applications and select your service principal.

Once the Service Principal is opened, Under Manage -> Click on API Permissions.

Initially, there will not be any permissions added. Click on Add Permissions.

Choose Microsoft Graph.

Select Application Permissions.

Add following permissions required for creating Teams Meeting.

Also, you will have to provide Admin Consent.

With this, we are done with adding API Permissions. Next we will call API to create Meeting.

Create Teams Meeting in Outlook

Open Postman and import the below collection.

You will be importing the Collection along with the Environment. The collection name is Teams Online Meeting and environment name is Microsoft Graph Environment.

The collection contains two Requests.

Make sure you populate the fields in the environment. The resource group and subscription id are not in the scope for this demo. You can ignore them.

The userId should be the one you want to use for creating the meeting. In other words, userId will be your host. Go to Azure Active Directory, Under Manager -> Click on Users. Select the host user from the list and open it to view the profile. Under Identity, you will see the object Id. That is the id you use for userId.

Once all the fields are populated in Environment. First run the Get AAD Token request. This will get the Access token which will be used in the second request.

Once you get the Access Token, Open the Create Teams Meeting request. In the body, change the start and end time along with the attendees details.

The Header contains the Time Zone, which you can change for your location.

For more information about this API, refer to the Microsoft Documentation.

When you run the second request, the meeting gets created with the following response. For a detailed response example, click on the above Microsoft Doc link.

Check your calendar for the meeting added.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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