Clone Azure DevOps Repository from GitHub Desktop

In this post, we will clone a repository from Azure Repos using the GitHub Desktop. This is helpful when you are working with both GitHub Desktop and Azure Repos.


  1. GitHub Desktop
  2. Azure DevOps Repo

Clone Azure Repo

Launch GitHub Desktop and click on Clone a repository from the Internet.

Click on URL.

I have created a repo with just one README file in Azure Repo. I will clone this repo on to my local computer using GitHub Desktop.

Click on Clone in Azure Repo.

Copy the URL.

Paste it in the GitHub Desktop. Also, give the local path where this repo will be cloned. Then click on Clone.

You will be asked to provide the Azure Repo Credentials.

In Azure Repo, click on Generate Git Credentials. Copy and paste the values in the above dialog box.

Click on Save and retry.

It is done. You can make changes, commit them and push back to the Azure Repo.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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