How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforming the ed-tech landscape in India?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology that drives innovation and advancement in all industries, including education. Technology is revolutionizing the classroom, and integrating AI can improve students’ learning experiences and the overall online education scene. AI-powered EdTech companies are infiltrating traditional classroom settings and meeting the demand for personalized learning solutions that adapt to each student’s learning needs and preferences. These technologies allow students to learn at their speed and provide a tailored experience.

Chatbot-assisted learning:

Many K-12 schools opt for chatbot-based learning platforms that use AI to help kids learn and schedule quickly. This aids in providing interactive e-learning and enjoyable learning activities for pupils. AI has the potential to accelerate India’s online education sector, which is expected to increase by $2.28 billion between 2021 and 2026. Indian EdTech firms are now developing digital platforms with AI-enabled intelligent instruction design to provide kids with learning, testing, and tutoring through schools. By 2028, AI’s market share in education is estimated to be $ 21.52 billion.

Interactive education:

Learning platforms can deliver individualized training for teachers and students by employing rich content, adaptive quizzes, live courses, and interactive gamified simulation training (GST). These systems include a recommendation engine, a dashboard with analytics, and AI-powered adaptive practices. It automates administrative tasks such as fee collection, schedule preparation, admission, and so on, making school administration more manageable and transparent.

Educational liberalization:

EdTech solutions democratize education by allowing smart information to reach a vast population, blurring the rural-urban gap. Predictive analytics is a tool that may identify pupils’ strengths and shortcomings in various courses, allowing teachers to offer corrective methods. AI-powered platforms can also give a single-entry point to a student’s personal and academic profile, assessment reports, academic reports, transfer certificates, and mark sheets.

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