How to make Skype call using Command Prompt?

To make a skype call from command prompt, Skype application should be installed and logged in.

Open command prompt and type skype and press Enter.

If the skype application does not open, then add a folder path where skype is installed in the environment variablesPath‘ variable.

Now, type the below command to directly make a skype call and press Enter.

skype skype:participantId1;participantId2
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Provide Skype Name or number of whom you want to make call as participantId1. For Example : And participantId2 as your skype name or number. You can find the Skype Name in the Profile section.

You can add multiple participants separated by semi-colon. For Example –

skype skype:skype.user.1;skype.user.2;skype.user.3?call


For Conference call, use below command for setting the topic –

skype "skype:skype.user.1;skype.user.2?call&topic=Con%20Call%20Name"

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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