How to Install Microsoft Bot Framework v4 Templates using VS Code or CLI?

Microsoft Bot Framework .NET Core Templates will help you to quickly build new conversational AI bots using Bot Framework v4.

In this post, we will install the 3 C# Bot Framework templates using the command line tool.


  1. Visual Studio Code or Command Line
  2. .NET Core 3.1

Install Bot Framework Templates

Open Console Window or VS Code Terminal window and check the version of .NET Core installed by running the below command.

dotnet --version

Install the following templates by running the below command –

  1. Echo Bot
  2. Core Bot
  3. Empty Bot
dotnet new -i Microsoft.Bot.Framework.CSharp.EchoBot
dotnet new -i Microsoft.Bot.Framework.CSharp.CoreBot
dotnet new -i Microsoft.Bot.Framework.CSharp.EmptyBot

You don’t have to install all the 3 templates. You can install only the one that is required. Core Bot template comes configured with LUIS and Waterfall dialog model.

To check if the templates are installed, you can verify using the below command.

dotnet new --list

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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