Guide to Create a Facebook App to Get App ID and Secret

Guide to create a Facebook App for your business and get the App ID and App Secret to get started with Facebook development. I will create a Business App in Facebook Developer portal.


Create Facebook App and Get App ID and Secret

Log in to your Facebook developer account and create a new app. Select the App Type and click on Next. I have selected the Business Type to manage my Facebook Page and Groups.

Provide the App name, Contact Email and select your business account if any. Email will be auto populated from your login.

You will be prompted to log in to Facebook, enter your password and create the app. The Facebook App ID can be found on the Facebook App dashboard page.

Click on Settings -> Basic to get the Facebook App Secret.

Click on Show to view your Facebook App Secret.

Start developing your Facebook App by adding the products from the Dashboard Page.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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