How to Install UiPath Studio Community Version on Windows?

The UiPath Automation Cloud is the central place for all things ‘UiPath’. Traditionally, a version of UiPath could be installed from the Orchestrator and that’s no different now. To install UiPath Studio Community, you’d need to create an Automation Cloud account.

More details on UiPath installs available here.

Navigate to the Automation Cloud to login or register a new account. Select the appropriate account option to register or sign in:

On the far right of the screen, on the Home page, there’s an option to download the Windows installer package:

By clicking on the ‘Download Studio‘ button, the Windows installer will be downloaded and you can install it on your computer.

Once the install has been complete, you’ll need to activate UiPath Studio and connect it to the orchestrator.

For users who are using Linux, try the following.

Author: Jacqui Muller

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