Clone Existing Project from Azure DevOps Repository using UiPath Studio

Azure Repos is a set of version control tools that you can use to manage your code. Whether your software project is large or small, using version control as soon as possible is a good idea. Version control systems are software that helps you track changes you make in your code over time.

In this post, we will clone an existing UiPath project present in the Azure DevOps repository with the help of UiPath Studio.


  1. Azure DevOps Account and Existing Project
  2. UiPath Studio

Refer to my post on Creating a Azure DevOps project here.

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Clone Azure DevOps Repository

Open the project from Azure DevOps where your existing code repository is present.

Go to Repos and Select the branch you want to clone.

On the right hand side of the code, click on Clone.

Copy the URL. This URL we will be using to clone the repo in UiPath Studio.

Open the UiPath Studio, go to Teams and click on Clone Repository.

Paste the URL you copied from Azure Repo and choose a folder or directory on your system where you want this repository to be cloned. Also, check the Use Credentials.

Go to Azure Repo and click on Generate Git Credentials.

Copy the username and password. As mentioned in the warning message to copy and save the credentials. You will not be able to see them again.

Enter the credentials and click on Open.

With this, it will clone the project and load it to the UiPath Studio.

To learn, how to commit and push the code back to the Azure Repo, refer to my post here.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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